Lark-Wi works with the free app to create grant access, view the activity log, and more. Your smartphone is now your key. Use the free Lark-Wi app on Android or iOS to lock/unlock your door.

Read-Time Access

     Use the free Lark-Wi app on Android or iOS to lock/unlock your door.


     The Lark-Wi Smart Lock is simple to use. Approach your door and open the Lark-Wi app in your smartphone.


     Check lock status: Always know if your door is locked/unlocked.


Monitor Activity

     24/7 Activity log: The Lark-Wi app tracks who enters and exits your home and when.


     Real-time notifications: Get instant notifications if someone share an invite of your door.

Manage Access

     Grant access: Pick friends, family, and services to invite or remove from access.


     Grant access level: Determine if individual is a guest or an owner to personalize access.


     Determine schedule: Grant access for specific dates or times.


Remotely Control

     Remotely control your Lark-Wi with Lark-Wi smart gateway from anywhere.


     You can be separately controlled by your phone or through the Cloud and Lock and unlock your Lark-Wi Smart Lock with gateway from anywhere, right from your smartphone.


Smart Watch Compatible

     Lark-Wi works with your favorite smart watch for added convenience.


     You can even use your Apple watch to lock/unlock your door, view your activity log, and receive instant notifications.